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Zombies, Werewolves, Misc.
Dr. Pecos News/Clips

3/20/20: Vampire bats "French kiss with blood."

8/3/19: DNA analysis provides clues to identity of vampire buried in New England 200 years ago.

12/6/17: Vampire panic in Malawi.

9/6/13: Vampire skeleton unearthed in Bulgaria.

10/15/12: Scott Harper on modern day vampire and zombie attacks.

7/5/12: Possible vampire attack in Corpus Christi.

3/15/12: The Highgate Vampire.

10/20/09: Dracula's house unearthed.

10/15/09: Vampire alert in Venezuela!

3/8/09: Possible vampire skull found near Venice, Italy.

3/26/09: Vampire rumors dog prestigious Boston School.

4/9/08: Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid in Pennsylvania?

12/12/07: See a custom Vampire Slayer Gun.

2/22/07: Demon Bat terrorizes Africa.

2/15/07: Valentine's Day She-vampire.

10/30/06: Are vampires mathematically possible?

9/28/06: Bacterial mechanism suggests alternative path toward immortality.

1/13/06: Will Minnesota elect a vampire governor?

11/2/05: Rabid Vampire Bats in Brazil.

7/5/05: Scientists Create Zombie Dogs.

2/6/05: Dracula, Vampire Myths Cast Long Shadow in Romania.

1/28/05: Vampire-Hunting Kit Found in Australia.

1/14/05: Vampirism Linked To Suspect.

11/18/04: "Vampire" on trial in England.

11/16/04: Scottish Vampire Found Dead in Prison.

11/24/03: 1870 FVZA Investigation kit fetches record at auction

10/26/03: Blood Drinker Defends Actions

9/29/03: Murderer Tries Vampire Defense in Scotland

7/7/03: Senator Seeks To Criminalize Vampires

6/29/03: Vampires in Bogota, Columbia

11/1/02: Vampire Bat Attacks on Rise In Mexico

10/17/02: Vampire cults in Kentucky and Nigeria

7/17/02: Vampire-Obsessed Teen Kills Elderly Woman

7/7/02: More vampire bats carrying HVV virus

12/21/01: Vampires Sightings in Otero County
6/11/19: How big is a werewolf? About this big.

5/24/18: Werewolf killed in Montana?

5/22/18: Florida city warns residents of zombies.

2/5/14: Another possible zombie attack in Florida.

9/13/12: Pennsylvania face eater.

6/21/12: Another zombie-like attack in Florida.

2/25/10: Free speech for zombies?

12/4/09: Pentagon Experiments With Zombie Pigs.

5/12/09: Zombie Fire Ants studied in Texas.

4/7/09: Zombie in Louisiana?

1/29/09: A useful warning in Texas

1/28/09: The Beast of Essex spotted again in England.

1/9/09: Beast of Exmoor found?

9/8/08: Scientists Experiment With New Life Forms.

8/21/08: Bigfoot hoax exposed.

8/15/08: Chupacabra captured on video.

7/30/08: Strange creature washes up on Hamptons beach.

7/15/08: West Virginia Werewolf (Thanks to Cody from W.V. for the tip.)

10/1/09: University of Florida Unveils Zombie Emergency Plan.

9/18/09: Gollum-like creature puzzles Panamanian authorities.

9/2/09: Taxidermist tackles el chupacabra.

8/18/09: Canadian scientists ponder Zombie Outbreak.

3/3/08: Plague Potential Concerns Scientists.

12/21/07: Wolf boy loose in Russia.

5/23/07: Helicopter's-eye view of a zombie attack.

11/29/06: Giant rats spread disease in Florida.

10/14/06: Ghouls in New York City.

12/5/04: There's a little Zombie in all of us.

11/26/04: Skunk Ape Sighting in Florida

9/20/06: Flesh-eating squirrels in Russia

9/2/06: Apaches speak of Bigfoot.

8/17/06: Mutant beast found in Maine.

7/5/06: Zombie Attack in England.

4/27/06: Chupacabra sightings in Russia.

10/25/04: Zombie Dog?

10/21/04: Human Rabies? Or something worse?

10/8/04: Dead Man Walking in South Africa

5/5/04: Zombies reported in New Guinea

11/20/03: Did Nostradamus predict a catastrophic zombie outbreak?

10/26/03: Article from Russia on Viruses

9/3/03: Zombie Army?

10/28/16: Trulia taps into FVZA reports to creat Unnatural Hazards map.

8/27/12: Dead Future selects FVZA as Zombie Site of the Month.

11/7/11: Dr. Pecos interview with author Crystal Connor.

8/31/11: Dr. Pecos on How To Survive a Zombie Outbreak.

11/1/10: Dr. Pecos featured in Total Film Magazine.

6/29/10: Hug A Zombie Interview With Dr. Pecos.

10/28/09: "FVZA is this year's indispensable horror comic..."

9/15/09: Channel 6 story on Dr. Pecos.

9/8/09: See a 15-page preview of the FVZA Comic Book #1 from Radical Publishing.

2/3/09: 3-D Cover Book featuring FVZA available at New York Comic Com.

12/9/07: Hear Dr. Pecos on the Paranormal Cafe.

12/15/06: R.I.P. Santa Rosa Institute.

10/30/06: Dr. Pecos on the radio in Cleveland.

2/5/06: Dr. Pecos on the radio in Ireland.

10/26/05: Dr. Pecos on the Hideout.

7/14/05: Dr. Pecos discusses Land of the Dead with movie critic David Templeton.

10/28/04: Dr. Pecos on the Radio

1/15/04: 2003: Year in Review

10/29/03: 1973 Newsweek Article

6/23/03: Dr. Pecos Interview

7/14/03: Part III: Rolling Stone Magazine Article

7/12/03: Part II: Rolling Stone Magazine Article

7/10/03: Part I: Rolling Stone Magazine Article

10/22/02: Vampire Panic in Puerto Rico

1/31/03: Former General Says CIA Needs To Be More Like FVZA

12/20/02: Dr. Pecos To Be Subject of Book

9/12/02: Dr. Pecos to Appear on TV Show

2/26/02: Latest News

12/7/01: Dr. Pecos Arrested at Protest

12/21/01: Legendary Vampire Hunter Helping in Hunt for bin Laden

4/15/04: Institute promotes new drug; leaves out one minor detail.

9/11/03: Santa Rosa Trying To Shut Me Down!

7/31/02: Santa Rosa Cuts Last Tie With the Past

7/12/02: New Stop Santa Rosa! Postcard

5/20/02: Santa Rosa Institute Admits Failure

1/15/02: Dr. Pecos' Response to Santa Rosa Institute's Latest Announcement

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