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Dr. Pecos To Be Subject of Upcoming Book

December 20, 2002. My life story is to be detailed in a book by Michael Cleland. The book's working title, Vampire Hunter, is not be the most original ever coined, so let me know if you have anything better.

The story behind this book is rich with irony. You see, Dr. Cleland is the forensic psychiatrist with the Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office in New Mexico who was assigned to evaluate my "mental competency" after the Santa Rosa Institute accused me of trying to burn down their main laboratory. After a few sessions with me, Dr. Cleland not only pronounced me sound of mind, he asked permission to write my biography! So it seems that, in their determination to prove me crazy, the Institute will end up helping me publicize my case against them. Look for the book on shelves sometime next year.

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