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I came across this article in the local paper. It's from the Associated Press, London Bureau, and provides further reason to fear a vampire outbreak in today's world.

Boy Accused In Killing Wanted To Be Vampire

A teenager obsessed with vampires killed an elderly neighbor and drank her blood because he believed that would make him immortal, prosecutors said Tuesday (July 16, 2002) at the start of his murder trail.

The 17-year-old youth...is accused of killing 90-year-old widow Mabel Leyshon at her home in Llanfair in north Wales on Nov. 24.

The story goes on to describe the gruesome details of the murder, which include removal of the poor woman's heart, and then continues.

Prosecutor Roger Thomas said the teenager was obsessed by "his two main questions: how do I become a vampire and how do I become immortal?"

The prosecutor added that the youth had been arrested a month before the killing after using force to get a 16-year-old German exchange student he believed was a vampire to bite his neck so that he, too, could become a vampire.

Do people really still believe that the power and immortality of vampirism does not come at a price? Having to give up daylight is nothing compared to the physical and psychological torment vampires experience.

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