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Dr. Pecos to Appear on TV Show "Urban Legends"

September 12, 2002. Yesterday I agreed to appear on the new syndicated television show "Urban Legends." As the title suggests, the show deals with tales and legends that may or may not be true. A crew will be coming to New Mexico in October to tape an interview with me and shoot some additional footage. They also will attempt to interview top brass at the Santa Rosa Institute.

Since I started this Web site, I have generally been wary of doing press and have turned down numerous requests for newspaper and radio interviews. I am a bit of a control freak and was concerned about having my message manipulated to make me look the fool. So why the change? Basically, I decided that it's ridiculous for a man my age to worry about how I appear to others. I came to this decision as I was about to leave for my daily constitutional and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It's hard to take yourself seriously when you're wearing a Panama hat and knee socks!

I will let you know when the episode is scheduled to air.

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