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Thanks to Central Region Director Orin for passing on the following news story. I have been in touch with contacts in Columbia for additional information.

Vampire Attacks Increase in Colombian Capital

Police say up to 50 groups of human vampires are operating in the Colombian capital Bogota.

They dress in black and drink brandy mixed with human blood. They usually obtain human blood from contacts in transfusion centres or buy animal blood from city abattoirs.

But police say groups of vampires have recently begun stopping passers-by at gunpoint and forcing them to bare their necks.

The vampires then pierce their vein with a razor and take it in turns to drink their blood.

A police spokesperson said it is difficult to prosecute the groups because witnesses are afraid to come forward. Victims are also worried people will think they are crazy if they report the attacks.

The authorities say they can't do anything about the vampires without hard evidence and Colombia's freedom of religion laws mean the police can't stop and search people just because they are dressed like vampires.

Interpol official Juan Prieto told newspaper El Espectador that he was worried that vampire numbers were increasing.

Mr Prieto said vampires could be responsible for several unsolved murders in Bogota, adding: "But we have a problem proving it."

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