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A friend sent this clip to me recently and I thought I'd pass it along. It's from the
December 21, 2001, edition of The Alamogordo Daily News of Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Vampire Sightings in Otero County

Illegal immigrants trying to sneak into the United States through southern New Mexico face a host of obstacles, from brutal heat and unscrupulous smugglers to the sharp eyes of the Border Patrol. But recently, a new peril has emerged: vampires. Since September, the Alamogordo office of the Border Patrol has taken over a dozen reports from illegal immigrants who claim to have encountered vampires. "Some of these people were pretty frightened," acknowledges Dan Jimenez, Chief of the Border Patrol's Alamogordo Sector. "One guy told us vampires dragged away two of his friends." Most of the alleged sightings have taken place in eastern Otero County, an area known in the migrant community as the "Journado Del Muerto," or "Journey of Death," because of its harsh terrain. While Chief Jimenez has asked his officers to practice extra vigilance, he isn't ready to break out the garlic and crosses just yet. "Unfortunately, we have bandits living in those mountains who will rob anyone coming through the area. Some of these guys, in the right light, they could pass for vampires."

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