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Vampires: Modern Day Encounters

By Scott Harper

Every culture on Earth has a history of vampiric beings. Even in our modern world many people claim to be vampires. While most of these individuals are nothing to fear, the following examples show that some can be dangerous:

Dravenstar Paranormal Radio discusses black-eyed kids.

These incidents probably resulted from mental instability or drug use. There is another phenomena that isn’t quite as easily explained.

During the 1990s reports surfaced regarding what are known as Black Eyed Kids (BEKs). There is debate over exactly what these are. Theories range from children playing pranks to visitations by extra-terrestrials. However, descriptions of BEKs mirror descriptions of vampires from folklore.

BEKs are seen worldwide. Usually witnesses report males, but females have been seen. Observers typically describe them as looking like children in their early teens at the oldest. They are generally said to have pale skin and dark clothing. Their eyes are reported to be solid black.

Many incidents include only one BEK. In cases during which witnesses meet more, only one tends to do the speaking.

Encounters with BEKs typically follow a pattern. The BEK will approach the witness. The person is told some story by the child of being lost or needing a ride. In some instances the requested ride is to a destination only a few dozen yards away. Commonly, the BEK expresses a need to eat.

BEKs appear to posses something akin to the mythical vampiric power of mesmerism. Witnesses often report feeling compelled to look the BEK in the eyes and finding it extraordinarily difficult to avert their gaze.

The BEKs seem not to be physically able to enter a place without permission from the owner. Sometimes people catch themselves just before opening the door of their home or vehicle. This recovery of their senses generally sends the BEK into a fit of pique.

People who have encountered these beings report distinct feelings of unease. Some have gone as far as to label it as a feeling of evil.

Even with no reports being on file of a BEK physically harming someone, it seems clear that they are not without uncanny abilities. They should be treated with the utmost caution.

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