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Defending Yourself Against Vampires

The six principles and the self-defense move below are taken from a 1955 civil defense brochure edited by several FVZA Shadows.

The Six Principles

Be alert
Unlike zombies, vampires can easily blend into their surroundings. Remember, the person walking toward you on the street one night might not be a person at all.

If you encounter one vampire, there are probably two or three more nearby
Vampires hunts in packs and prefer to have one vampire act as a sort of scout. The scout vampire will try to drive you toward a confined area where the others are hiding. You must not let this happen.

Do not try to run from vampires.
They are faster than you, and when they sense fear or panic they become more aggressive.

Make noise
Vampires do not like attention and prefer to operate under the radar. The longer they can hunt undetected, the better for them. If you shout, scream and generally make a racket, they may decide you are more trouble than you are worth.

Be fierce and aggressive
Vampires are far more discriminating in their hunting than zombies. Given a choice, they will always go after the weakest humans. If you assert yourself early in the struggle and show them you know how to fight, they very likely will pull back and look for easier prey.

Seek medical attention after any encounter
Like the zombie virus, the vampire virus can enter your body through the slightest nick on the skin. Always have medical personnel examine you as soon as possible after any encounter, even if no wounds are visible.

The Open Door

The Open Door exploits the fact that vampires like to seize a prospective victim by the throat, immobilizing them and stifling their screams in the process. The move gets its name from the fact that the defensive technique of twisting a vampire's wrists out of the way "opens the door" to two quick offensive strikes that should buy you time for escape.

Step 1: Seize the vampire's wrists and twist them out and down Step 2: Drive your forehead into the vampire's nose Step 3: Strike the vampire in the throat
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