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Fighting Off a Pack of Vampires

There is no greater challenge for a martial artist than fighting off a pack of vampires. Not only are vampires stronger and faster than humans, they are experienced hunters who work together like a well-oiled machine. When a typical pack of four vampires corners a victim, they do not attack one at a time, like in the movies; rather, they launch a coordinated, simultaneous assault from all sides, with each pack member having a specific responsibility.

While not as physically repugnant as zombies, vampires are frightening to behold, and their appearance and fierce hissing can distract you from the task at hand. You will perform better if you think of a vampire as a collection of target areas on which to deliver your strikes.

Typical Vampire Attack Pattern
The Alpha vampire (A) will try to drive you back toward vampire B while vampires C and D prepare to attack from the sides. When you are close enough, vampire B will take you down at the legs while vampires C and D restrain your arms, leaving your throat for the Alpha.
The Rotor
The Rotor is a good option against a typical vampire attack, although the move is feasible only for the most advanced martial artists. Your strikes must be pinpoint accurate and must seriously impair your foes, because you may only get one chance to deliver them. If even one of your strikes is off the mark or ineffective, you probably will not escape.
Step 1: When vampire B moves for your legs, deliver a rear kick to its nose. Step 2: Leap into the air and deliver a split kick to the vampires attacking from the sides. Step 3: Deliver a palm strike to the nose of the Alpha. Flee.

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