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About the FVZA

Documents & Memorabilia

By Hugo Pecos

This new section will include official government documents and memorabilia pertaining to the FVZA and related topics. Click on the links for more information.

Document 1: Cover page from an August, 1986 government report on the Methuselah Project, the Santa Rosa Institute's proposal to study vampire DNA in pursuit of human immortality. The document contained an assessment of the costs, risks and benefits associated with researching vampire and zombie DNA. It also endorses the research and went a long way toward convincing President Reagan to sign off on the project.

Document 2: Cover page from a June, 1941 preliminary report on the Zozobra Project, the secret U.S. drive to find a vampirism vaccine. The report concluded that a concerted American effort could create a vaccine in five to ten years. However, work on the vaccine did not begin in earnest until 1944, when reports reached President Roosevelt's office of a Nazi plan to unleash hordes of vampiric POWs on advancing Allied forces. The first successful test of the vaccine took place in 1950.

Document 3: Letter from U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant dated February 29, 1869, authorizing the formation of the Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency under the direction of Civil War vet Miles Lincoln.

Document 4: Cover from FVZA manual on hand-to-hand fighting against vampires. Cadets at the Academy received this and other manuals at the beginning of their training.

Document 5: A page from an FVZA manual on hand-to-hand combat with zombies. The illustrations show how to break away from a zombie's grip.

Document 6: A poster from 1917. Posters such as this would be put up in urban areas where prostitution was common.

Document 7: A graphic from 1900 shows the number of people killed in some of the world's major cities by zombism outbreaks.

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