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Vampire/Zombie Defense: The Front Kick

Excerpted from the 1950 FVZA training manual, "Hand-to-Hand Combat With Vampires and Zombies," by Bin Tao Pan.

The front kick is a good first defense strike against a zombie. Deliver the kick out of a fighting stance with your back leg; e.g., if you fight right-handed, then kick with your right leg.

The front kick takes advantage of the fact that a zombie tends to lunge forward with its hands outstretched when attacking. A strong front kick to the chest will reverse the momentum of the zombie's upper body, causing it to fall. As with most zombie defenses, the front kick is intended to stop an attack and buy you time for escape.

Be sure to "chamber" your kick by bringing your knee up high to your chest, and drive your foot through the target for more power.
Step 1: Drop back into a a fighting stance. Step 2: Pivot and raise your right knee to your chest.. Step 3: Drive your foot into the zombie's chest or face.

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