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Vampire/Zombie Defense: The Side Kick

It's late at night. You've left a friend's house and are making your way home down a quiet suburban street. Suddenly and without warning, a zombie bursts out from behind a parked car and lurches toward you, arms extended.

An experienced martial artist would have a host of moves to draw upon to fend off the zombie. But you have no experience or training. You've been meaning to take up martial arts but haven't gotten around to it. For now, your only exercise consists of riding a bike or playing video games.

So you're out of luck, right? Not necessarily. Not when you can call on your friend, the side kick.

The side kick is the ideal counter to a lone zombie or vampire attack from the side. It is simple, fast and effective. In addition, since both zombies and vampires focus on your head and upper body when attacking, they won't see the kick coming. Perhaps best of all, you needn't be particularly strong or flexible to pull it off.

Note: most people have a dominant leg—usually the same side as their dominant hand. However, since you have no idea from where an attack may come, it's a good idea to practice the kick with both legs.
Step 1: Assume a fighting stance and bring your right foot up to your left knee, turning it slightly inward as if scratching an itch. Step 2: Extend your right leg out to the side forcefully and strike the leading knee of the attacker. Be sure to pivot on your left foot for more power.

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