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Using the Sword Against the Undead

Part IV: Cutting a Target

These swordfighting tips are excerpted from a 1962 FVZA training manual.

You don't have to possess great physical strength to cut effectively with a sword. In fact, speed and precision are more important than physical strength when handling a sword.

For vampires, the target area is the neck. For zombies, either the neck or the hands make ideal targets.

Step 1Step 2Step 3

In Step 1, raise the sword over your head, making sure to extend your elbows and wrists. Keep your feet spread apart to avoid inadvertently cutting them with the sword.

In Step 2, swing the sword down with speed and power, keeping the elbows and wrists extended. Focus your power at the point of the sword and not at the base. Do not let your elbows and wrists bend while hitting through the target.

When finishing your stroke (Step 3), be careful not to cut your foot with a sword, and make sure that the sword doesn't hit the ground. As always, take care when putting the sword back in the sheath.

Swordfighting Primer: Part V

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