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Using the Sword Against the Undead

Part IV: Handling a Sword

These swordfighting tips are excerpted from a 1962 FVZA training manual.

A Japanese sword will perform superbly when handled correctly. But because of the Japanese sword's slender, curved shape, learning that correct handling is very difficult and requires considerable practice.

When cutting, it is critical to maintain the proper arc, or hasuji. If the sword blade deviates even slightly, your sword will flip and bounce away from the target. In some cases the sword body might even break. Such a mishap could have disastrous consequences. Remember: when battling the undead, you may only get one chance to deliver a decisive blow.

Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3

The figures above show the cross-section of a sword as it strikes a zombie's neck. You must keep the blade on the same plane throughout the swing. Figures 1 shows the proper position of the sword, while Figures 2 and 3 show what happens when the blade deviates off course.

If your hasuji is correct, you will be able to cut through objects with little effort. Start out by practicing on paper or straw. Once you are proficient, you can begin cutting harder objects such as bamboo.

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