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The Sledgehammer

By Hugo Pecos

A sledgehammer falls into the "found weapon" category: while not intended for use as a weapon, it can come in handy in a pinch. The metal hammer at the end of the handle weighs several pounds and, when swung fully, can generate enough force to cave in a skull. The sledgehammer has the advantage of low-tech weapons in that it is reliable and doesn't require a lot of expertise to use. However, while you needn't be a weightlifting champion to swing a sledgehammer, strength definitely helps. Generally speaking, if the undead are at your door and you don't have time to get your shotgun, you could do worse than a sledgehammer.

Vampires: The sledgehammer might work to intimidate a lone, relatively inexperienced vampire, but it is much too slow and cumbersome to have any value against a pack.

Zombies: The sledgehammer is a decent weapon against a lone zombie or a scattered stagger. Just be sure to make your swing count: brace yourself, take a full swing over the top and bring the hammer down right onto the zombie's head.

Overall Effectiveness:



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