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The Provisional Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency is a group of people interested in exchanging theories and information about vampires and zombies and maintaining the undead fighting arts. Admission is open to men and women 18 years of age or older. If you are younger than 18, you must get a parent's permission before joining.

Upon completion of your application and payment of the fee, your information will be posted on the appropriate page of the site and you will receive your provisional ID. Perhaps this goes without saying, but the ID is a nothing more than a keepsake and carries with it no authority. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES does your status in the Provisional FVZA endow you with any law enforcement authority nor does it allow you to harm people in any way. Think of the Provisional FVZA as a club of people with common interests. As always, if you witness illegal or unlawful activity, you should contact your local law enforcement.

If you're still interested in joining the Provisional Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency, please complete the following two steps. Note that you may also include a photograph or avatar with your application.

1. Pay the $1.00 application fee through PayPal.

The fee is compensation for the time I spend making IDs and entering your information on the site. You must be registered with PayPal (no charge) in order to pay. Click the button below to pay. If you are not registered with PayPal, contact me to make alternate arrangements.

2. Fill out the application below and send it to me.

Upon receipt of the application and fee, I will process your application and send you your ID at whatever e-mail address you provided. Allow two to three days for this. Once you are enrolled, you can resubmit the form at any time if you would like to change any information.

Agent Name:

Agent Type:

Base (City/Town): 


Special Skills/Areas of Interest:

Posting Preference:
          Do not post my information.
          Post my information but do not post my e-mail.
          Post my information and e-mail.

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