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Virtual Academy

Interactive Case #5: The Beast of Bozeman (Part I)

By Hugo Pecos

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Werewolves: not a common problem for an FVZA agent, but one for which you have to be prepared. Get ready for the challenge as we dive into our first interactive case involving the dreaded lycanthrope.

Date: September 20, 1962
Place: Bozeman, Montana

The Bozeman office
(Second floor)
Background: Welcome to the FVZA regional command center in Bozeman, Montana. Not exactly what you had in mind during your stint at the Academy. But it was this or Phoenix, and you don't do well in extreme heat, no matter how dry it might be. The office is located on the second story of a brick-faced office building downtown, right across from the local cinema (now showing: Spartacus, starring Kirk Douglas). As senior agent, you're responsible for one of the largest jurisdictions in the department: 150,000 square miles. Trouble is, not much happens within those square miles. But that's about to change.

The Case: At precisely 0900 hours, you mount the stairs to the office, having just tucked away a breakfast of steak and eggs at the local diner. Waiting at the top of the stairs is Tom Sowers, a rancher from the nearby town of Atkins. Mr. Sowers is a gaunt, sad-looking fellow who appears to have stepped out of one of those 19th century dauguerreotypes of pioneers making their way west. After introducing himself, Mr. Sowers offers the usual disclaimers and apologies: not sure if this is up your alley, might be nothing, etc. You escort him into your office, take out an incident report form and tell him to start at the beginning.

Read the Incident report.

Mr. Sowers is the first to mention it. "Is there any chance we have a, a werewolf on our hands?"

A werewolf. The very thought speeds your pulse. A cunning killing machine, faster than a Triple Crown champion thoroughbred, bigger and stronger than a thousand-pound grizzly, and more aggressive than a rabid wolverine. And to top it all off, smart enough to avoid detection, cover its tracks, and even stalk humans with unparalleled stealth. At the FVZA Academy, you covered vampires and zombies exhaustively, but werewolves were only briefly touched upon. Problem was, not many agents had tangled with a werewolf and lived to tell about it.

Upon finishing his story, Mr. Sowers watches you, waiting for some kind of response. None is forthcoming. You sit back in your chair and ponder your next move. You don't want to overreact, and end up a laughingstock. But doing nothing might be worse.

What to do?
(Click the number corresponding to your choice)

Organize a full-scale hunting party. Get all the hunters and dogs you can and head up into the mountains to flush this thing out.

This guy saw a bear; nothing more. Give him an indulgent pat on the back and send him on his way and forward the report to the Montana Fish and Game Department.

Go out to his ranch and have a look at the footprints.

Go to Part II of the case.

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