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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Emil

Base: Bucharest, Romania

Date/Time: 1/1/16, 12:20 A.M.

Incident: Lots of people were outside in the streets of Bucharest with their friends after all the parties on New Year's Eve. Me and my friends were walking through an alley near the park when I told them that I needed to go to bathroom. They said that they would wait for me, so I went to the toilet and was surprised to find that it was closed. I couldn't hold it so I went behind a building.

Once there, I noticed that there were two boys and a girl on a bank nearby. When I looked closer, something didn't seem right. The boys were all over the girl but she wasn't moving at all. I didn't think too much about it and I went back after my friends.

After we broke up I took the alley from the park to go home. When I reached that particular bank I saw that the girl was still there but the guys had disappeared. I went to see if she was alright. When I asked her, she didn't reply and when I touched her she collapsed on the bank. I saw that she had blood all over her neck and on her wrists. I called the ambulance but it was too late—she was already dead.

The police asked me if I saw someone with her. I told them about the two guys but they couldn't find them anywhere. The police said that it was might have been the work of some satanic group but I don't really believe it because I saw what they did to her. I came here thinking maybe you could help me.

Comment from the FVZA: First, if you witness an apparent attack in progress, make some noise. Shout, waves your arms: anything to distract the attackers. As for the rest of your account, it is possible you witnessed a vampire attack, In the past, vampires often went hunting on New Year's Eve. A stealthy vampire pack or a lone hunter could easily find prey among the drunken revelers out and about that night. Not to mention that the cold-weather clothing of that time of year made it easier for vampires to disguise themselves.

If you have any media accounts of this attack, please send them along so that we can verify your story.

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