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FVZA Aptitude Test

Beginning in 1954, men and women interested in joining the FVZA were given a personality profile test to help recruiters determine what career track in the agency might be best suited for them. Based on the test results, recruits were recommended for one of three tracks in the training program: Investigator; Assault Team; Shadow (for more on these positions, check our About the FVZA page). The questions had little to do with fighting vampires and zombies and were aimed at discerning the recruit's personality type. I was never a particular fan of these tests, as no test can measure intangibles like heart, courage and perseverance. However, in an attempt to give you a better idea of the process recruits went through, I am posting a condensed version of the test.

The 35 questions below are taken from the version given to recruits in 1967. The questions are multiple choice. Pick the answer that is most accurate and respond as honestly as you can. After taking the test, click the "Calculate Score" button. Your score will be tabulated and you will be directed to a page where you will receive the appropriate ID badge and an explanation of the results. Remember, the test results are by no means binding. Just because your score might suggest a career in investigation doesn't mean that you wouldn't excel on the assault team.

FVZA Aptitude Test (35 Questions)

          1. Your leadership philosophy could best be summed up as:

"My way or the highway."
"Let's talk this out and reach a consensus."
"Would someone else like to do this?"

2. You are checking into a motel. Although you made a reservation, they do not have any rooms available. You:

Scream epithets at the clerk and vandalize the lobby before leaving.
Ask to speak to the manager.
Accept the clerk's explanation and try another motel.

3. Since the age of 18, what is the longest you have gone without a relationship?

Less than six months.
Between six months and two years.
More than two years.

4. You are studying for an important test. Friends come by and ask you to join them for an impromptu cookout. You:

Tell them you will come out when you finish your assignment.
Angrily tell them to get lost.
Drop what you're doing and join them.

5. You are reading a book during lunch break at work. A new co-worker sits nearby and says hello. You:

Put the book down and strike up a conversation.
Give them the cold shoulder in the hopes they will go away.
Excuse yourself and walk away.

6. Whenever you go out with friends, you find yourself:

Doing what they suggested.
Doing what you suggested.
Staying home because you don't have any friends.

7. You work waiting tables at a restaurant. A customer starts berating you because his soup isn't hot enough. You:

Apologize profusely.
Calmly ask the customer to lower his voice and you will take care of the problem.
Dump the soup in his lap.

8. You are calling to make airline reservations. When the agent answers, you:

Begin the conversation with friendly small talk.
Engage in a pleasantry or two before getting down to business.
Cut to the chase.

9. People often seem to perceive you as being too:

Confident yet self-effacing.

10. You would rather have:

A fulfilling, lasting relationship.
A lot of money.
A successful career.

11. A mechanic is working on your car. You generally:

Step back and let him do his job.
Watch nervously from the waiting area.
Ask a lot of questions and challenge his assumptions.

12. You believe:

There is a God.
There might be a God.
There is no God.

13. You are taking a trip to Europe in a month. You:

Do research, make all your reservations, and plan every day out in detail before you leave.
Do some planning, but leave room for spontaneous excursions.
Figure it out once you get there.

14. If someone points out a mistake that you made, you generally:

Deny making the mistake.
Lash out at the person.
Admit to the error.

15. How much trust do you feel people have in you?

A lot

16. You wake up with a pain in your tooth that won't go away. How long before you see the dentist?

Right away
Within a few days
More than a week

17. You see someone on the street corner looking at a map. You:

Keep on walking
Stop and give them directions
Walk them to the place they're looking for

18. For you, responsibilities are:

A burden
Part of life
A challenge

19. A co-worker rushes in to tell you she just got a great new job. You feel:

Genuinely happy for her.
Upset that she is leaving.

20. What is the main driving force in your life?


21. You prefer:

No pets.

22. When a salesman comes to your door, you:

Listen to his sales pitch.
Hide in the bathroom until he goes away.
Tersely tell him you're not interested.

23. You and a group of classmates are discussing ideas for the class bulletin board decoration. Everyone is making their own suggestions and ignoring yours. You:

Shut up and sulk quietly in the corner.
Persist in offering suggestions.
Raise your voice and take control of the situation, even though others are visibly annoyed.

24. You find a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk. You:

Ask around to see if anyone lost it.
Add it to your savings account.
Blow it on something you enjoy.

25. In conversations with others, you tend to:

Talk about yourself.
Talk and listen in roughly equal amounts.

26. Someone compliments you on your work in a school play. You:

Thank them.
Dismiss the compliment by saying "it's not that hard" or "anyone could do it."
Suspect them of wanting something from you.

27. In times of crisis, you have:

Relied on others for help and advice.
Welcomed advice but not felt married to it.
Figured things out on your own.

28. At social occasions, you tend to be:

The life of the party.
A wallflower.

29. Which scenario holds more appeal to you?

A studio apartment, a bicycle and a job you love.
Living off the land in a shack on a deserted island.
A large house, two cars and a job you hate.

30. Of the following colors, you prefer:


31. You're playing a game of basketball. You and a player on the other team both get your hands on the ball and a struggle ensues. Do you:

Let your opponent take the ball.
Fight for possession of the ball but stop short of engaging in a fistfight.
Fight for possession of the ball, even if it means engaging in a fistfight.

32. You manage a store and one of your workers wants Saturday off, the busiest day of the week, for unspecified personal reasons. You:

Give him the day off.
Implore him to work, appealing to his sense of team spirit.
Tell him he must show up or be fired.

33. A friend wakes you at night with an unimportant phone call. You:

Tell him not to call so late, then hang up.
Tell him not to call so late, then continue the conversation.
Take the call and pretend that you weren't asleep.

34. Your greatest successes have been:

The result of a group effort.
Achieved largely on your own.
You haven't had any successes.

35. Your boss tells you he liked a movie that you also saw and hated. You:

Tell him you hated the movie.
Tell him you liked the movie.
Pretend you never saw the movie.

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