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The Chainsaw

By Hugo Pecos

The chainsaw, meant for felling trees and cutting branches, is an outstanding weapon against the undead. Its loud motor and flesh-cutting chain are unnerving even to the normally-fearless zombie. Chainsaws come in electric and gas-powered varieties; for fighting the undead, the latter is the logical choice. Just be sure to use a strong, two-handed grip, and focus on slashing cuts aimed at the arms and torso. Avoid using the nose of the chain guide, for this can lead to a potentially-deadly kickback.

Which brings us to the major drawback of the chainsaw in undead combat: the potential for self-injury and infection. While a rifle or shotgun allows you some distance from your foes, the chainsaw is strictly for close-quarters fighting. As a consequence, the chainsaw can spray virus-laden blood and tissue into your eyes, nose and mouth. If possible, keep gloves, safety goggles and safety masks near your chainsaw so you can throw them on quickly in the event of an attack.

Vampires: Only the most desperately hungry of vampires would take on an opponent brandishing a chainsaw. However, this should not make you complacent. Vampires like to work in packs, so while you're driving one away, another could be moving up from behind.

Zombies: Few things make a zombie back away—a chainsaw is one of them. I have numerous accounts on file of zombies shambling away from a chainsaw-wielding adversary. But don't let this make you cocky, either. As with any zombie weapon, the chainsaw should be used only to buy enough time to escape; and seek medical attention immediately after any encounter.

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