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Provisional FVZA

South Dakota

If you want to edit your information in any way, send me an e-mail.

Agent Name: Brandon
Base: Spearfish
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Extensive knowledge on the occult and cryptozoolocial happenings and creatures.
Agent Name: Agent Patrick
Base: Brookings
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Leadership and planning. Study of paranormal.
e-mail: pka54@hotmail.com
Agent Name: Matt Ruby
Base: Mitchell/Emery/Sioux Falls
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Hand-to-Hand, blade fighting, and well versed in various small arms use.
e-mail: methos_ruby@yahoo.com
Agent Name:
Specialities/Areas of Interest:
Agent Name: DeDubs
Base: Hartford
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Conventional and unconventional weapons expert, marksmanship, tactics and defense, wilderness survival, first aid, extensive vampire and zombie knowledge, tracking and investigation.
e-mail: dedubs@hotmail.com
Agent Name: Charles O'Flannigan
Base: Madison
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Swordmaster, longtime lone agent, weapons collector, onetime divine hit man, jump certified with the 101st Airborne, works outside the FVZA jurisdiction.

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