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Provisional FVZA


If you want to edit your information in any way, send me an e-mail.

Agent Name: Cancer
Base: Boise
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Psychological profiling of vampires and acute knowledge of the language of zombies.
e-mail: x_paper_x_in_x_rain_x@hotmail.com
Agent Name: Rick Parry
Base: Boise
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Small arms.
e-mail: RickParry@msn.com
Agent Name: Zach Krebs
Base: Boise
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Assassination, Weapons, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Espionage, Counter-Security.
e-mail: Lab-Rat187@excite.com
Agent Name:
Specialities/Areas of Interest:
Agent Name: Capsarge
Base: Moscow
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Search and rescue, shooting, pt, weight training, weapons, spec ops, tactics.
e-mail: capsarge@gmail.com
Agent Name: Factou
Base: Idaho Falls
Specialities/Areas of Interest: Marksman, melee weapon training, quick plotting.
e-mail: factou@hotmail.com

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