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Where to Find the Best Zombie-Related Content

If thereís one thing weíve learned in the last few decades, itís that nearly everyone is a big fan of certain parts of the horror genre. While most people are turned off by horror and gore, the zombie craze has become such a big part of todayís mainstream culture that most people canít help but be interested in it. We canít say that we blame them! Zombies might be terrifying most of the time, butís undeniable that they can provide hours of entertainment when done right. If youíre looking for the best places to find zombie-related content, hereís where you can turn.

Video Games

Unless youíve been living under a rock, you know that gaming is currently one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Itís not surprising to see the zombie theme pop up in video games often, but some might be shocked to see it in online casino games! Online casino websites are chock-full of timeless classics like Roulette, so giving Casimba online roulette or any of the other classic table games they host a shot isnít a bad idea. While weíre not ruling out zombies near the roulette wheel, in most cases they appear heavily featured in themed slots!

Of course, classic video games in the zombie genre are also a big hit. One of the biggest video game franchises Resident Evil has built a whole world revolving around a zombie outbreak and the protagonist's quest to eradicate the living dead by any means necessary!

Fiction Books

Most people donít expect the zombie genre to be popular when it comes to reading, but they might be surprised to find out that itís a rising star! Whether itís classic novels or the recently booming graphic novel media, itís not exactly hard to find the zombie theme in tons of books. One of the best examples for this is the insanely popular The Walking Dead graphic novels. The growing franchise is revered as one of the best depictions of a zombie-ridden world, and itís even spawned a whole universe of successful interwoven TV shows!

With classic novels, things arenít all that different. More and more young adults are developing an interest in reading, and it seems that the zombie horror genre along with the vampire genre is one of their favorites! If youíre thinking of picking up an interesting zombie book, we suggest giving The Girl with All the Gifts a read.

Movies & TV

The easiest way to enjoy the zombie theme is through movies & TV. The sheer volume of horror movies and shows that revolve around zombies is astonishing, but we canít say that weíre complaining. While we can admit that there are quite a few zombie movies that are more ridiculous than scary, there are also some incredible masterpieces that every fan of the zombie horror genre needs to see. A similar pattern can be seen with TV shows, and as we already mentioned, one of the more interesting ones you can currently try watching is The Walking Dead.