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Using the Sword Against the Undead

Part II: The Overhead Swing

These swordfighting tips are excerpted from a 1962 FVZA training manual.

In Part I we covered stance and grip. Now it's time to learn a few offensive techniques, starting with the basic overhead swing.

The overhead swing generally is more useful against zombies than vampires. When delivered with speed and precision, it can split open the zombie's head like a watermelon.

In using the overhead swing, your grip power should be about 60 percent in the left hand and 40 percent in the right. Too much power in the right hand could cause the sword to deviate off its proper course.

During the swing (Step 2 and 3), keep the focus of power on the point of the sword. You should keep your arms and shoulders loose and swing a sword as if you were throwing a fishing rod, only in this case you are "throwing" the point of the sword toward your target. The path of the sword should pass through the center of the body.

After you finish swinging the sword (Step 4), the hilt should come to rest about one fist's length in front of your belly button, with the point of the sword a little below that level.

When using any offensive technique, remember always to attack with your full ability. Your strikes will have minimal impact if you are in a more passive state than your opponent. You must attack without withholding anything (i.e. spirit, energy, speed, etc.)

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