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The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (FVZA):
A Message From The Director

This propaganda poster appeared 1933, when the worldwide vampire population was estimated at 1 million. Now that vampires have been largely eradicated from our lives, I have seen the cautious sentiment expressed in this poster replaced by what at times seems like a nationwide celebration of everything vampire. Vampire-themed nightclubs and cults are all the rage, their popularity fueled by the profusion of vampire images in advertising. Young people raised on Hollywood movies and TV shows believe vampires are something to be admired. As the former Director of the Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency and a man who had seen firsthand the terrible toll wreaked by vampires, I am appalled by these developments.

Even more troubling to me is the collective amnesia exhibited by our scientific community. In their lust to unlock the secrets of immortality, scientists have thrown caution to the wind and are venturing down a dangerous new road of research.

As many of you know, I recently resigned my position on the Board of Directors at New Mexico's Santa Rosa Institute for Advanced Genetic Research in protest of their decision to begin testing altered vampire DNA on animals. My opponents should not confuse resignation with surrender. On the contrary: I intend to use this web site and my speaking engagements to raise public awareness and create pressure on Washington to put the brakes on this research.

Some twenty years after I helped develop the vampire vaccine, I promised my grandson that he would never have to live in a world overrun by vampires. With your help, I intend to keep that promise.

For more on my decision to resign, go to my FAQs Page

Hugo Pecos
Former Director, FVZA

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