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Interactive Case #2: Motown Mayhem (Part 1)

For our second interactive case, we will deal with another vampire outbreak in an urban area. Although this case shares much in common with the first one, it is based on more recent events and is considerably more challenging and dangerous. As always, you will be asked to make decisions on how to proceed with each phase of the investigation. p.s., Be patient, zombie lovers! I promise, I haven't forgotten you.

Date: December 17, 1973
Place: The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, Detroit Office

The Fisher Building
Background: Christmas 1973 is not expected to be a happy one in Detroit. An economic malaise exacerbated by the Saudi oil embargo and resultant gas crisis has hit the Motor City particularly hard. Americans are turning their back on Detroit's gas guzzlers in favor of a new breed of automobile personified by Honda's fuel efficient Civic. Detroit's auto business, once the flagship industry of America, is rife with plant closings and layoffs. To make matters worse, crime and racial tension has led to a white flight from the city, creating large swaths of abandoned neighborhoods, veritable urban ghost towns. Amid the squalor and despair, vampires take root. It seems that they represent the only growth industry in Detroit.

Aren't you glad you were assigned here? After all, it takes a special breed of agent to work in Detroit. So what if the office is chronically understaffed and you have to wear the hats of both the advance and assault teams? And so what if your office is located in the decrepit Fisher Building. At least you get the glory and accolades associated with keeping the community safe from vampires (oh, wait, you don't get that either, because you work undercover). Like I said, it takes a special breed to work in Detroit in 1973.

The Case: Ring-ring. The familiar, two-tone sound awakens you with a start. You paw for your clock and note the time: 3:12 a.m. You hurry through the chilly house and pick up the special red phone reserved for FVZA business. At the other end of the line, the gravelly-voiced Night Watch Commander informs you that a vampire attack has been reported in the Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe. You're to report to the scene with your gear, prepared for an assault.

You hang up the phone and think, Grosse Pointe? The tony suburb, home to auto executives and country clubs, is the last place you expect to find vampires. But killing vampires is the same, whether it takes place in a tenement or a mansion, so you throw your gear into your '71 'Cuda, coax the balky motor to start and ease the big car out into the frigid night.

Scene of the crime:
the Fannon home
By the time you arrive, the street has been cordoned off and several agents have set up a command post. They brief you as you change into your assault uniform. Apparently, an auto executive named William Fannon attacked his wife and children in the dead of night. Fannon's wife Trudy has already been taken to the hospital to be treated for neck wounds and blood loss, while the children managed to escape and are holed up at the neighbor's house. Mr. Fannon is believed to be still inside his house. Two local police officers who were first on the scene went into the house and never came back out.

For most, the thought of wading into a large, unfamiliar house to hunt down a vampire is enough to make their knees wobble. But this type of assault is old hat for you and your team, and you especially like your chances against a freshly-minted vampire. After donning your night vision goggles, you enter the house with the strike team, isolate the vampire in the wine cellar and finish it with one shot. The two wounded cops are taken away by ambulance and the former Mr. William Fannon is carted off for autopsy. As you drive away, with the sun lightening the night sky, the neighbors gathered in the street give you an awestruck look that almost makes it all worthwhile.

You and your fellow agents head off to a favorite greasy spoon to plan the day ahead.

What's first on the agenda?
(Click the number corresponding to your choice)

Interview Trudy Fannon, the wounded woman, at the hospital

Get the autopsy results for the deceased vampire, William Fannon.

Go to William Fannon's place of employment and talk with his secretary, coworkers, etc.

Go to Part II of the investigation.

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