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Incident Report

Witness: Amanda Irazusta

Base: Perth, Australia

Date/Time: 13 April 2003

Incident: Last night as I was outside placing rubbish in the bin, I noticed a group across the road at the park. They seemed to be circled around someone. This someone was being passed, so it seemed, from one to another. When I yelled at them asking what they were doing they looked in my direction and scattered. I raced over to the park and discovered that this person, a young boy, had multiple puncture wounds, as if made by teeth or something of the sort. This young boy later died at hospital.

Even now as it is night there is a group at the park again. Yet I'm sure they have no one with them this time. I have warned all the neighbors to stay indoors tonight as a precaution. Everyone is so far accounted for.

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