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Interactive Case #3: Born on the Bayou (Part 6)

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Bayou Gauche (the red lines
represent roads)
It's all over but the fighting: you and five agents against anywhere from 50 and 60 zombies. No doubt, you'll collect some images for the mental scrapbook today. That is, if you live through the adventure.

Date: January 27, 1965
Place: The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, New Orleans Office

As you travel west across the mighty Mississippi in a motorboat, your stomach is like one big, clenched fist. It's not so much the choppy waters as it is the nerves. No one talks much during the 45-minute trip. Earlier today, you made an adjustment to your last will and testament to make sure your three-week-old nephew gets something.

You veer off the river north of Bayou Gauche and enter bayou country. A half hour later, you stop at the staging ground a few miles north of Bayou Gauche. Even though you're not religious, you join the others in a prayer, just in case. And then, you all take one last look at the map.

Bayou Gauche. The entire town is built on landfill. It is bisected by a narrow river and surrounded to the west and east by swamp. A rickety wooden bridge over the river joins the two sides of town. There is one dirt road running through the south side of town that connects it with the mainland. To the south is a large lake. The zombies are concentrated in the buildings on both sides of town (perhaps because they retain memories of their previous life, zombies tend to prefer living in homes.)

As in the last case, you will be given three plans of attack, and three outcomes. Good luck.

Plan of Attack
(Click the number corresponding to your choice)

Split into two teams of three, one on land, one on water. Have the water team approach first, by motorboat via the river. When the zombies go into the river after the water team, have the land team drive into the town and launch a grenade/flamethrower assault. Trap the panicked zombies in nets and drown them.

Split into two teams, one on land and one on water. The water team goes in first, approaching the town by motorboat from the lake side. The water team draws the zombies into the lake, while the land team moves in from behind with hand grenades and flamethrowers. Trap the zombies in nets and drown them.

Split into two teams and launch an assault by land. Drive into town in two jeeps and take up positions on opposite ends of the bridge connecting the two sides of town. Using grenades and flamethrowers, drive the zombies into the water and throw nets on them to drown them.

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