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Interactive Case #3: Born on the Bayou (Part 5)

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Only an FVZA agent would be crazy enough to return to Bayou Gauche, an entire town taken over by zombies. But that's why they pay you the big bucks. Time to put on your Assault Team hat in this fifth installment of "Born on the Bayou."

Date: January 27, 1965
Place: The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, New Orleans Office

After you return from your river rendezvous with the zombies, you gather your agents together at headquarters and work late into the night planning the assault. You go home feeling confident about the next day's operation. Granted, recent defections have left you a little light in the assault team, especially for an operation like this, but you figure you'll have just enough agents to get the job done.

Is that what you thought? Guess again. You arrive at the office early the next morning and find out the mayor has pulled half of your team away to provide extra security for Mardi Gras. This leaves you with five agents to conduct an assault on what you estimate to be 50 or 60 zombies.

Of course, you could scrap the entire operation. But the mayor wants your agents on security patrol for the entire duration of the festival, so the personnel situation is not going to get any better. And the zombie plague is likely to spread; Bayou Gauche is only 30 miles from the next town. Anyway, you're all keyed up and ready to go. So you decide to give the OK for the mission.

Quick review. You're heading off to a town surrounded by water and swamp, with one dirt road running through it. You've got five agents and 50, maybe 60 zombies.

Before you continue, choose your weapons.
(Click the image corresponding to your choice)

   Knockout Package Gas masks and canisters of the deadly VX gas. When lobbed into zombie habitats, the canisters explode and release their noxious cargo, killing zombies instantly.

  Stealth Package Swords are quiet and effective and ideal for a sneak attack. By attacking simultaneously from different directions, you will split the zombies up into manageable groups. Each team member can take out 9 or 10 zombies easy. And besides, you already broke in your sword on that zombie near Tulane University.

  Chaos Package Use hand grenades and flamethrowers to create confusion among the zombies and drive them into the water, where they can be trapped in nets and drowned.

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