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Interactive Case: Motown Mayhem (Part 4)

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A vampiric hooker bites an auto executive only a couple of weeks after a prominent pimp and his stable of ladies go missing. Time to find out who put the Mayhem in Motown in this fourth installment of our interactive case.

Date: December 18, 1973
Place: Detroit, Michigan

Cass Corridor in the snow
"There will be sleeping enough in the grave." When Ben Franklin said that, he must have been talking about FVZA agents. Take you, for instance. You were up at three in the morning and here it is, almost 24 hours later, and you're still going, without so much as a nap. Perhaps it's the endless cups of coffee or maybe it's the excitement of the chase, but you don't feel the least bit tired as you prepare for Night Patrol under the direction of senior agent Mitchell Henderson, a.k.a. Hard Ass Henderson, one of the most ornery men ever to wear the badge.

Night Patrol means be ready for anything: investigation, surveillance, assault. Tonight, it's a bit of undercover work. Agent Phil Jenkins, a good friend of yours, will go out in a Plymouth Valiant posing as a john looking for a little love, while you, Henderson and three other agents stay close by in a surveillance van. The goal is to pick up a vampiric hooker and have her lead the team to wherever it is the others are hiding.

2:30 a.m. Normally, Cass Corridor is a tableau of broken glass, abandoned cars and weedy vacant lots. But tonight, with the snow falling, it looks almost ethereal. Unfortunately, the snow seems to be putting a damper on the world's oldest profession: 45 minutes of cruising these streets and still no sign of any prostitutes or pimps.

Russell Industrial Center
3:15 a.m. "I see one." The words from Agent Jenkins crackle in your headphones, shattering the drowsy quiet of the evening. You listen intently as a woman propositions Jenkins. Could she be a vampire? You peer out the one-way glass windows of the van, but it's hard to make a visual on the lady with the snow falling so hard. In any case, the woman gets in the car with Jenkins, they drive off and you follow at a safe distance. You haven't gone fifty yards when a big blue Lincoln Continental pulls out of an alley and starts tailing Jenkins with its lights off. Fearing for your friend's safety, you ask Henderson if the mission should be aborted. "Negative," is his reply.

3:45 a.m. You follow the Valiant and the Lincoln Continental into the Russell Center, an abandoned industrial park that used to be a body shop for some of the biggest car companies before becoming yet another Detroit ruin. Your heart quickens as you watch the two cars drive behind a large building and turn onto a narrow road that leads to a loading dock. This is it, you think. But when the van slows to make the turn, it's back wheel gets stuck in a snow-filled rut. "Hurry," Henderson says. "You're losing them." The driver guns the engine and the wheels answer with a sickening whine. Without hesitation, you pick up the hand microphone and shout at Jenkins to abort. He responds with a piercing scream that causes you to throw off your headphones and jump out of the van.

You sprint around the corner and spot the Valiant boxed in against a loading dock by Billy Blue's Lincoln. There must be a dozen vampires around the Valiant, including Billy Blue himself. With the economical motion of a veteran agent, you pull out your Migraine Molly handgun and start blasting away. The vampires look up from their feeding frenzy in shock, and then scatter into the building, hissing. You find Jenkins sprawled in the front seat of the Valiant, bloody but still alive. While you offer comfort to your fallen comrade, Hard Ass Henderson runs up and starts barking orders.

In the next installment, I will tell you what Hard Ass Henderson ordered. But for now, the question is, what SHOULD Henderson order?
(Click the number corresponding to your choice)

Forget the vampires. It would be suicide to chase a dozen or more vampires into a big, unfamiliar building at night. We should take Jenkins to the Emergency Room and then return to headquarters with the rest of the team to organize a daytime assault on the building.

Strike while the iron is hot and exterminate those bloodsuckers posthaste! The vampires are on the run and in disarray, and besides, we've got night vision equipment and plenty of ammo. Remember, if we pull back now, we may never get another chance to wipe out this pack.

Do not pursue the vampires. Instead, have an ambulance take Jenkins away while the team remains on the scene. Cordon off the area, identify all potential exits, and prepare for a sweep of the building at first light.

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