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Interactive Case #1 (Part 3)

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Your first day at the FVZA was quite eventful. One woman reported a vampire attack, and the decapitated head of a vampire victim turned up in the East River. Find out what your second day brings in this latest installment of the Interactive Case.

Date: November 15, 1904
Place: The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, New York City Office

9:01 am: You arrive for work groggy from a lack of sleep. All night long, you tossed and turned, unable to get your mind off vampires. You imagined them awakening somewhere in the bowels of the city and slipping out of their hiding place for another night of hunting. You wondered what unlucky person would cross their path. Once in the office, you grab an extra-large cup of coffee and head to the morning roll call.

9:03 am: The Chief begins roll call with a stunning announcement: late last night, a pack of vampires broke into a Park Avenue apartment and drank the blood of a prominent family. The Mayor is leaning on the Chief, and all investigators will have to pull double duty to solve the case.

9:30 am: You sit at your desk and begin taking incident and missing persons reports.

Site of Michael McIntee's
11:17 am: A woman named Mabel McIntee visits you to report that her husband Michael is missing. She last saw him two nights ago when he left to work the graveyard shift at a subway tunnel construction site near the East River. McIntee's coworkers told her that he disappeared in the middle of his shift. Mrs. McIntee shows you a picture of her husband and a chill runs down your spine: it's the decapitated guy you saw yesterday. You give Mrs. McIntee directions to the Coroner's Office.

11:55 am: You try to pass the news on to the Chief but he is in a meeting with city higher-ups. With lunch approaching, you decide to zip over to the construction site where Michael McIntee worked.

12:25 pm: Another sandwich-to-go, another subway ride and you're at the East River. which is a de facto cesspool for the city. Everything from human waste to dead horses winds up there. Still, after the smell of the coroner's office yesterday, the East River is not so bad. You approach the entrance to the tunnel and introduce yourself to the foreman. He tells you that McIntee had left the tunnel to get some dynamite at about 3:00 am and never came back.

The Lower East Side, 1905
12:30 pm: You run a chronology through your head. Michael McIntee disappears at about 3:00 am, roughly an hour after Sara Griffey sees three vampires attack a man. Could the same pack have conducted both attacks? To find out, you walk from the construction site to the spot where Sarah Griffey allegedly witnessed an attack. It takes you thirty minutes.

1:50 pm: Back late from lunch again. Luckily, the Chief is indisposed, and you only have the desk sergeant to deal with.

2:30 pm: In poring through recent missing persons reports, you discover that in the last month over a dozen people have gone missing in the Lower East Side neighborhood bounded by the East River and Broadway.

2:45 pm: You pull the Chief aside on his way to the toilet and share your findings. He compliments you on your work and advises you to stay on top of the situation. You suggest to him that a witness, a decapitated head and a dozen missing people are more than enough to justify an investigation. The Chief momentarily looks like he's going to rip you a new one, but then a grin creases his face. "Alright, kid," he says. "You want an investigation, you got it. But you're gonna have to do it alone." He tells you to have the desk sergeant cover for you while you're gone.

3:00 pm: You break the bad news to the desk sergeant and then head over to the Requisitions Department to sign out your first investigation packet (some forms, a bulky camera and a flashlight).

Congratulations! You're off on your first investigation. Where do you start?
(Click the area of the map where you want to focus your investigation)

1: Lower East Side
2: Waterfront
3: Subway tunnel construction area
New York City

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