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Interactive Case #1 (Part 2)

You've taken a compelling vampire incident report from Miss Sara Griffey and have decided to seek corroborating evidence. Pay attention as the plot thickens in this second installment of our interactive case.

Date: November 14, 1904
Place: The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, New York City Office

1. FVZA Office
2. Attack witnessed by Miss Griffey
3. Decapitated head found

12:01 pm: Sara Griffey's perfume is still a potent force in the office as you go to seek corroboration for her account. The office only recently got its first telephone and it's normally off-limits to rookies, but with the old-timers out to lunch at Shaughnessy's on Broadway, you'll take your chances. Your first call is to Saint Mary's, the closest hospital to the alleged attack. They tell you they have not treated anyone for vampire bites in the last 24 hours.

12:03 pm: Though the growling in your stomach needs attention, you decide to call the Precinct 11 police station on lower Broadway. A gruff detective tells you there were no reports of anything out of the ordinary last night.

12:05 pm: You are heading out the door for lunch when suddenly you remember the Precinct 14 police station near the East River. You call them and a cop tells you that, earlier in the day, someone found a decapitated head in the river not far from where Miss Griffey said she saw the vampire attack. The cops tells you the head has been turned over to the City Coroner's Office on Broadway near City Hall. You hang up the phone, excited, knowing that vampire packs often decapitate their victims after feeding. But the Coroner's Office is too far for you to walk to and be back by 1:00. Then you remember that the city's new subway system can get you there in five minutes.

12:10 pm: You grab a sandwich from a street vendor and head down into the subway station. You take a moment to marvel at the ornate tilework on the walls of the station. Within minutes, a train enters the platform and you get on.

12:30 pm: You arrive at the Coroner's Office just as the coroner is beginning to examine the decapitated head. The sight of it, along with the smell of death in the place, makes you woozy. But you're not about to pass up this opportunity. You soak your handkerchief in some rubbing alcohol, hold it to your nose and pay close attention. (read the Coroner's Report before proceeding).

2:00 pm: Certain now that a vampire pack is operating in and around the Lower East Side, you hurry back to the office to share your findings. No sooner have you arrived than the Chief starts chewing you out for taking a two-hour lunch break on your first day. You try to get a word in edgewise but the Chief continues to rail at you in front of all your fellow agents and the dozen people waiting to file missing persons reports. Deflated, you slink back to your desk and resume your "secretarial duties."

4:00 pm: The Chief calls you into his office to apologize for his outburst, saying he's been under a lot of pressure. You tell the Chief about the the decapitated head and Miss Griffey's testimony. You even suggest some possible areas for a stakeout. But the Chief tells you there will be no stakeout tonight, as political pressure is forcing him to devote all his teams to the outbreak in the wealthy Upper West Side.

It's 5:00. Time to go home. What do you do?
(Click the number corresponding to your choice)

Go home, eat dinner, put on a comfortable pair of shoes and head out to the East River area where the decapitated head was found. Spend a couple hours poking along the waterfront for likely vampire hideouts.

Post your findings on the station map and inform the FVZA Night Watch Commander. Go home, eat and get a good night's sleep.

After a quick dinner, head down to the Lower East Side neighborhood where you suspect the vampires are operating. Once there, post vampire warnings and interview potential witnesses.

Proceed to Part III of the investigation.

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