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Incident Report

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Agent/Witness: Victoria Black

Base: Boston, Mass.

Date/Time: April 30, 2005/0100 hours

Incident: This is a follow-up to my earlier report concerning vampires near the Ceremony Boston nightclub.

As I mentioned, the vampires (?) appeared dazed and groggy. I have read that a narcotic-like effect often settles upon vampires after feeding; however, I have a hard time believing it would take effect that soon. Considering the site and time of the attack, perhaps the victim was heavily drunk or drugged and the vampires picked that up in their feeding?

I did follow the news closely for several days afterward, but nothing was ever reported. I did not call the police myself as I suspected involving them would lead to vampires with police guns, and therefore more problems. However, my viewing of the scene was limited to a possible 30 seconds before I ran off. It is possible there were more pack members lurking to remove the body when the coast was clear, and perhaps to take care of any witnesses.

A murder by a human cannot be completely ruled out, but given the total absence of any visible blood at the murder site I doubt this. Granted, I did not examine the body closely at any rate, but a complete dismemberment of the body with entrails visible, as I witnessed, would leave pooling blood.

Comments from Dr. Pecos: I mean no disrespect, but if you showed up at my office with this report, I probably would not follow it up. While some aspects are credible, such as the fact that vampires prey frequently on urban clubgoers, the chief problem is the notion that vampires would attack and feed out in the open and then retire to a nearby building, leaving their victim behind. Urban vampires are far more savvy than that. If they had a shelter nearby they would certainly take their intended victim there, by suggestion or force, for feeding. In any case, follow up if you have more information.

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