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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Victoria Black

Base: Boston, Mass.

Date/Time: April 30, 2005/0100 hours

Incident: Leaving my night shift on April 30, I heard some muffled shrieks and noises from an alley near a dance club. I suspected a garden-variety inner city assault and so I approached with my pepper spray at the ready. I found a group of four people, including at least one female, lurking there. The pack appeared dazed and groggy and did not seem to see me; instead, they disappeared through a hatchway into the basement of a nearby building. Upon moving just a few inches closer, I was able to see the body of a young female, completely eviscerated but with no blood present. In fear for my own life, I did not investigate further.

I suspect the killers to be lurking near the Ceremony Boston Nightclub at 835 Beacon St., near Kenmore Square.

Comments from Dr. Pecos: Back in the day, Kenmore Square was notorious for vampires. The proximity of Fenway Park, Boston University and numerous nightclubs made the area an ideal hunting ground. However, it's puzzling to me that vampires would be so sloppy as to leave a body laying around in a busy urban area. Also, was their any media coverage of this incident? Please follow up.

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