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Incident Report Follow-Up 2

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Agent/Witness: Lock Jaw

Base: Peoria, Illinois

Date/Time: 4/19/05

Incident: The murder I mentioned happened around a month ago. A young girl was abducted from her home in the dead of night/morning (around 0300 hours) and was thought to be missing for quite sometime, until they found her body, or at least parts of it, scattered across a two-mile radius out in country. One would find this to be just a bizarre murder case, but referring back to my previous experiences I believe this to be vampires.

There are a set of train tracks near where the girl's body was found. I've followed them to an abandoned junkyard/large warehouse-like building. It was very well boarded up, but roof access would be easy to acquire within a matter of seconds, and there were fresh footprints (some contained mud, still slightly wet, possibly from the previous evening) all around leading to the window holes of the building. I was with a friend, and we both carried handguns, but didn't feel protected enough.

We plan on checking out the building this weekend.

Will follow up.

Comments from Dr. Pecos: Going into this building, especially armed, is a recipe for disaster. You don't know the layout of the place, and what happens if you spook some homeless people? In the short term, I would advise surveillance to get a better idea of what you're dealing with.

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