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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Lock Jaw

Base: Peoria, Illinois

Date/Time: 4/4/05, approximately 2300 hours

Incident: Recently I was hanging out at the local Subway. My friend works there and I was keeping him company as he was shutting down. I went in the alley behind the store to have a cigarette and look at the stars, but it was a very cloudy night. And then, in the distance I saw a shadowy figure. It moved towards me, relatively quickly. The guy looked like something out of the Matrix. I'm not sure if it was a vamp or not, but this has happened before. Could this be a vamp hot spot?

Comments from Dr. Pecos: One of our last reports had a vampire at a Wal-Mart, and now they appear to be frequenting Subway. What's next? Vampires at the Gap? Starbucks? In all seriousness, when you say this has happened before, what do you mean exactly? And as far as if this is a vamp hot spot, I need more information. Are there nightclubs in the area? Abandoned buildings? These are the things I would need to know before moving forward. Remember, people: details!

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