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Incident Report Follow Up 2

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Agent/Witness: Panther

Base: Cleveland, Tennessee

Date/Time: September 18, 2003/2100-2130 hours

Incident: It has been over four weeks since my last check of the location where the incident occurred. I usually walk near the area where it happened, but I didn't notice anything the night before when I took my regular stroll. I checked again on this night to look for additional leads. As I walked, I came along a chain that looked like it might have been used to restrain a dog or something of the sort. However, upon closer investigation, I noticed that the chain wasn't broken the way it would be if an animal had broken away with the chain around its neck. I also noticed that the chain would have been too small to have wrapped around the neck of a dog or similar sized animal. I am still questioning where all of this leads and what may have happened. It seems to me that something always happens just before I get to this location. I will continue investigating and hopefully soon something will show itself to me and give me some answers.

Will follow up.

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