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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Panther

Base: Cleveland, Ohio

Date/Time: August 23/25, 2003/2130 hours

Incident: On August 23rd, I heard a scream from a woman somewhere nearby. She screamed "no" three times, then there was nothing but silence. I decided to investigate, and a few minutes later walked out into the field in front of my house, which is behind a church. As I walked I smelled something like a mixture of perfume and paint. The further I went the stronger was the smell, and then I detected the pungent odor of someone who hadn't bathed in a few days. As I walked onward toward the field I noticed two figures running toward the woods at a fast pace. After that, the smell began to fade. Then nothing else happened, so I pulled back and decided to study on this a bit.

On August 25th, I returned to the scene and discovered nothing out of place. I walked two times around the same trail and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, so I decided to walk around once more just to be sure. On the third time around, I noticed a small puddle of what appeared to be oil at first glance. Upon closer examination, I noticed that the puddle had a bit of a different texture than oil, and its color was a mixture between red and brown. I also noticed there were no other drops of blood to form a trail from the puddle. I then heard a hissing sound, and a brief hint of the "not bathed" smell I had detected Saturday. I glanced around to find nothing but shadows. I immediately left the area, trying to decipher what I had seen. I am going to continue my investigation of the incident and hopefully will provide more clues as to what this could and very well may be.

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