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Incident Report Follow Up 5

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Agent/Witness: Agent Steel

e-mail: fvzawisconsin@aol.com

Base: Southeast Wisconsin

Date/Time: November 7, 2003

Incident: Yup, Orin got his ass kicked again. He's laying in bed with a couple of busted ribs. Like that's a reason to wimp out!

We came across some suckwads while patrolling a wharf on Lake Michigan. There were some of them shipping container things and Orin heard some voices inside (he's got them good ears). I strolled up and unlocked the thing and they rushed us: a couple of old ones, all twisted and gnarly. I fed two of 'em my axe and they got a little nicer after that but Orin couldn't get his blade out fast enough and had to resort to his side arm. The suckwad took three rounds to his nugget and kept swinging. He picked ol' Orin right off his feet and tossed him off the dock.

After that I shortened the leech a little with my axe. He was a little less uppity with no legs. I tried to get some info out of him by beating him in the face with a brick but he took the cheap way out and died on me. Orin wants me to ask if you know anything about a "mass exodus" or something. So if you know what the hell he is talking about shoot him an e-mail at the above address. Don't send me any mail because I got more than I'll ever read anyway.

After I hauled Orin back to the truck I returned to look in the shipping thingy. It was like the freaks were looking to mail themselves to Pakistan or somewhere. Ol' Conman would have been able to look up the shipping stuff but he got toasted. Poor son of a bitch. Orin has too much hurt on him to hit the computer right now so I guess I'll be in charge of this thing online until he sucks it up and acts like a man.

Yup, that's about it.


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