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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: ORIN

Base: Wisconsin

Date/Time: August 3, 2003

Incident: Received information of a possible vampire haunt near Paddock Lake WI. Informant refused to give information about himself; he simply stated that there would be an envelope with full details taped under a bench in the park near the lake. It took us a whole bloody hour to find it.

Within the envelope we found floor plans, photographs, feeding habits, a head count and even a videotape of a feeding in progress. I will refrain from posting the address because we don't need agents pouring into the town and razing the building. I know how restless they have been.

Lacking an assault team as well as an established investigative unit, I sent in a private group of hunters from this area. They were to do their own recon and report the threat level to me.

I should have considered that they were itching for some action. The team went in that night and were ambushed. I have reason to believe that the major assault on FVZA operatives that Agent NightWalker warned us about was staged here in Wisconsin. Knowing that I was operating out of Southeastern Wisconsin, the suck heads just had to snoop around a bit to find out the general area.

0000 hrs (Midnight)
I received a call on my emergency number informing me that the private team was boxed into a room in the basement of the dwelling. They said that they had decided to move in on their own and were cornered by about twelve vampires and a number of dogs. Three of the team had been wounded and one was missing. I immediately made calls to the rest of my team and told them to gear up and get moving; I would meet them on the highway en route. I informed them that the area was residential and that the heavy firepower was out of the question.

0100 hrs
The team and I met up on the road and I informed them of the situation.

0115 hrs
Three of the team members rolled up on what looked like a tranquil county neighborhood. The only sign that something was amiss was the small blood pool I found near the rear of the house from two dead bull dogs underneath a wheel barrel. We entered the house through a side door, not wanting to split up. In a normal assault I would have had agents watching all the exits, but this was a rescue mission. Agent STEEL and I went for the basement and ConMan and BOOMER took the floor level. We kept in VOX radio contact and we all had UV Light goggles and lights, in case the vamps had flares. We didn't want to end up flashblind in a situation like that. The floor plans I received were totally wrong so we had to wing the search. We were each packing one tear gas grenade, a flare gun, our swords and some of my new magnesium throwing flares (designs coming soon).

The basement was clear and I couldn't find any signs of hidden doors. Then, a shout over the VOX had us sprinting up the stairs. Agent ConMan had two vamps in a headlock in a closet with attic access. Boomer was in the process of firing his flare gun down one's throat. It looked as though it had tried to bite him. The second vampire was pulling loose of ConMan when Agent Steel gave it a head transplant with the axe he always carries. The first, now smoking, vampire received the privilege of being the test subject for my magnesium spikes. They work surprisingly well when shoved through the skull.

After we secured the area we discovered a badly wounded victim in the attic clutching an old phosphorus grenade. When we came near him he threatened to drop it until he realized we were Agents. ConMan and Boomer escorted him to my truck where I had Med Supplies and vaccine. Steel and I could not find anyone else in the building.

When we proceeded outside we heard muffled gunshots echoing from a houseboat on the lake. I went to my truck and took an inflatable lifeboat (don't ask where I stole it) and was preparing to paddle like hell when Steel produced a massive CO2 Tank from the shed. I slipped it into the support straps, flipped the boat and Agent Steel knocked the end off with his axe ( I don't EVER suggest this!). We soared through the air about 10 feet before we fell out and were dragged to the houseboat. It saved on time but even deaf people would have heard us coming.

Agent Steel climbed the ladder to the boat and I warmed up another throwing flare (you need to use a special oxyacetalyne igniter built into the case to light them). Our UV equipment and our flare guns were useless now and it would be forever till the rest of the team could swim out with the guns from the truck.

There were three guards on deck when Steel vaulted over. One was neatly cleaved almost in two from head to belly with Steel's Axe. One caught a throwing flare to the eye, screamed a moment while clawing at his face and died as his brain was incinerated. The other let loose a burst from what looked like a mac-10 before Steel, spinning and swinging low, politely removed one of his legs. Steel introduced him to the reaper while I drew my sword "Whisper." Two more came running from below deck and the first lost most of his head as he ran through the door. The second ducked and hauled my legs from under me and was preparing to bite my calf when Steel threw one of his own flares into its hip. The vampire let me fall to the deck and grabbed my sword to attack Steel, who with a laugh cleaved clean through my blade and into the surprised vampire's head with his giant axe. (I was rather upset but grateful.)

I drew my secondary pack sword and followed Steel into the lower deck. The three vampires that were waiting down there just sat and pointed their Kalashnikov rifles at us as if they were only vaguely interested. Agent Steel charged in screaming and took about 10 rounds to the chest. I screamed and bailed to the side. I popped my gas grenade and grabbed Steel's fallen axe.

When the first vampire cleared the smoke I took him at chest level with the axe; the second vampire vaulted over his comrade and caught my pack sword across the throat in his haste to flee the gas. I heard a loud hiss and saw a bright flash from within the room just before Agent Steel came plowing out with his fingers around a vampire's throat. It had a flare burning its way through its chest and a survival knife sticking in its ear. It was clearly dead but Agent Steel was still bashing its splattering skull against the wall screaming "don't EVER shoot me again! You stupid f***ing leech!" Agent Steel always gets irate when he has to get his body armor repaired.

The other team was inside a meat locker, the door wedged shut with a couple of meat hooks.

We got them to shore in a boat that ConMan and Boomer had stolen from a neighbor's dock knowing they would have to bring in the wounded.

We patched the other team up in my truck and administered the remainder of my vaccine. I left Agent Steel and Boomer to dispose of the evidence, while ConMan and I dropped the wounded off at the hospital. ConMan, in his smooth way of talking, convinced the doctors that the wounds were from a prostitute that disputed her payment and went berserk.

I'll get back to you on the follow up.

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