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Incident Report Follow Up 4

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Agent/Witness: Orin

e-mail: fvzawisconsin@aol.com

Base: Southeast Wisconsin

Date/Time: November 6, 2003/0300 hours

Incident: Agent Shade stumbled on another haunt full of dead leeches. I don't know what's going on anymore... This was the worst slaughter I have ever seen. There were about 20-25 dead bloodsuckers scattered all over the warehouse we rolled up on. Agent Shade failed to snap a picture of the attacker but he managed to hit it with one of my modified barbed Lawn Darts (I built a short range GPS tracker into the head.) They're not too reliable but its the best I could come up with on short notice.

The computer registered movement all the way to the Illinois Border where the signal vanished at the lakeshore. The creature may have gone aquatic; that would have put the tracker on the fritz. They were not designed to be submerged. Either that or it just quit working; it's not like these things have a warranty.

When we arrived on the scene we saw the remains of what looked like a desperate last stand against the enemy. There were some leeches in there that looked older than any I had ever seen. In addition to this there were over a dozen new recruits. Most of them were still wearing their Abercrombie and their FUBU. All of them were dead, most torn in half or with their chests ripped so far open that you could see through the holes. There were a number of Kalishnakov rifles and AR-15's on the scene.

When the creature fled the scene it left a hole in the warehouse wall about 18 feet high. We managed to make a partial foot cast of a print we found in the mud outside the warehouse. The creature walks upright and has seven digits on the front of the foot and two on the back. This matches only some rare lizards and mythical monsters from Sumarian Legends. It's possible that the print is corrupt because of the crushed bits of masonry that fell into the print during molding. We're grasping at straws here. I'm worried about what might happen when this thing runs out of leeches in the area. I don't have any hardware that could even make a dent in this thing.

The "Creature" will be referred to as "Angry Bob" because Agent Steel is tired of calling it an "it."

I checked deceased Agent Conman's e mail and there was a letter from a confessed leech. It was a cry for help. I won't disclose the rest as yet because were looking into the matter. This may be the lead we needed.

Agent Orin

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