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Incident Report Follow Up

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Agent/Witness: Orin

Base: Wisconsin

Date/Time: June 12 2003

Incident: Follow up investigation of June 6, 2003, event proved no Zombie presence in the area. Details as follows:

I was making my rounds in the aforementioned area when I encountered five transients dwelling in the empty train car. The smell was exactly as the witnesses had described. After a few questions I ascertained that the individuals were actually Rastafarians en route to a commune in Michigan. They admitted to being intoxicated on the night of the sighting and were simply making a "sh** run" to the creek nearby to relieve themselves. They invited me to a meal of Track Rabbit and onion stew which was actually rather good. I've never had Rat prepared in that fashion before, but I wish I had asked for the Recipe.

No further investigation is necessary.

End Report
Agent Orin
Kenosha WI

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