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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Orin

Base: Wisconsin

Date/Time: June 2003

Incident: Have been advised of possible Zombie activity. *Possibly a hoax* Witnesses tell of a group of about three or four shambling creatures that "smelled like they just played in a pile of rotten meat." These creatures were man-sized, although one was specifically identified as female. Seen in marsh area outside of town.

There have been no reports of attacks and no recent Missing Persons reported in the area.

Upon investigation we discovered a half-buried train car protruding from a swamp/marsh like area. Possibly transients using the train car for shelter for the night.

Farmer in the area reports losing "a couple of chickens to those damn foxes again." There were goats in a small enclosure nearby that had not been accosted.

*Witnesses were having sex in a truck about 10 yards from where they claim the creatures (transients?) passed. My gut tells me they were on drugs, or maybe the bums were against bathing... either way, I will do one more area investigation before I disregard.

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