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Incident Report Follow Up

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Agent/Witness: Jef

Base: Falmouth (Cape Cod), Massachusetts

Date/Time: June 15, 2003

Scargo Tower
Incident: After last night's incident, I interviewed more than 20 local teenagers to see if they knew anything about gothic/vampire enthusiasts on the Cape. Many of the stories came up convincingly similar. A small group of "Gothic" teens claims to know real vampires. When asked to elaborate, the teens said these people were considered vampires because they drank human blood (many of the teens however said they thought this was a lie). The questioning also revealed rumors of vampire gatherings in Scargo Tower and Pilgrim Monument (also a tower). I decided to visit each. I visited Scargo Tower at approx. 1300 hours. After a quick search, I found a knife with visible dried blood in a small nook in the tower. I have held onto this knife as a way to prevent any future interference. Later, at Pilgrim Monument, I found a small bowl with what appears to be residue from blood in it.

At this point, I am planning to keep these two sites under constant surveillance and will report findings. I also am going to interview the "gothic" group in order to find more information. I will keep everyone posted. Also, if there are any agents in Massachusetts, please let me know. Any help (from information to help interviewing/investigating) will be appreciated.

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