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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Jef

Base: Falmouth (Cape Cod), Massachusetts

Date/Time: June 13, 2003/0015 hours

Incident: At 12:15 a.m. I was heading home from a friends house via beach route. I frequently take this route since there is never any traffic and no cops. On my way home, I stopped in a beach parking lot to relax and enjoy the view. Then, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye (I'm assuming it was the first vampire). Three other figures came out from behind a building at regular intervals. After about half hour of sitting, I positioned my jeep to shine the headlights behind the building. When I went to investigate, there was a dead man on the ground. The victim was most likely between the ages of 20-25. Upon further investigation, I discovered two puncture wounds on his neck. I ran back to my car to get my cell phone to report it to the police. I waited in my car, headlights on and music on, waiting for the police and keeping watch on the building (I couldn't see the back of the building from the car). When the police arrived, they investigated and found nothing more than a little blood on the ground. So I have a feeling that vampires are operating in the area of Falmouth, MA.

An investigation needs to be performed by the FVZA.

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