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Incident Report Follow-Up 9

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Agent/Witness: Frost

Base: Mantua, Ohio

Date/Time: August 7, 2003/0200 hours

Incident: Last night we found what could have been a possible den located in the wood not far from here.

We all geared up around 1:45 a.m. and headed to the location in Agent Hassan's truck. The house was located under a streetlight at the end of a long driveway. When we got there, we discovered a large house with several outbuildings. At first glance, the place appeared occupied, but we were not able to discern any activity, human or undead. We got out of the truck and checked the nearest outhouse first. It was empty, minus a pitchfork and some garbage. We went up to the house and glanced through the windows: nothing but cobwebs. We had just decided return during the day when we heard footsteps, and then silence. We got back in the back of the truck and left. Then, about a 100 yards down the driveway, I looked back and saw four figures standing under the light. A few seconds later, we heard footsteps running through the woods next to us. We pulled out onto the road, and saw someone standing behind us at the driveway entrance.

We arrived back at base, gathered a few more weapons, and headed back. This time, it was quiet. We checked the perimeter of the house, then gained access through the basement into the house. From the looks of things, nobody has been inside for many years. Everything was covered in cobwebs except for a few new items, including a child's backpack. We searched every inch of the place.

I was on the second floor when Agent Hassan and T called me on my two-way radio went off; they were outside and had seen two figures running through the field nearby. We exited the house and searched the area. On the land nearby we found a slab of cement, hollow and cracked, but couldn't get through it. We'll be checking that soon. From the other side of the house, we heard a loud moan, and when we went in that direction we heard footsteps running away. Then somewhere in the woods, we heard a loud scream. Then silence.

We're checking the salt mill and house again tonight.

More as it comes.

Agent Frost

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