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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Frost

Base: Mantua, Ohio

Date/Time: Various

Incident: I've decided to put the events recorded in my diary to disk, so nothing is lost in the event that something should happen to the diary.

Weeks ago, my friend Justin and I began to consider an odd theory, that although seeming, yes, farfetched, has plenty of evidence to support it.

Is Mantua being ran by a clan/family of Vampires? The following is the evidence I/we have collected thus far.

- On exploring the Hillside Cemetery one day, my friend Trigger and I discovered by glancing into the screened window of the locked crypt that several tomb vaults were ajar (on returning months later, we discovered other vaults ajar). Also, the drain hole under the door to the crypt has small holes forming the shape of a pentagram. We also found markings in the cemetery of upside down stars and mason symbols. And last, we discovered an old tombstone at the edge of the cemetery, hidden by weeds and foliage and hard to read. I plan to inspect closer.

-Every year, a Mantua (Crestwood) High School student dies in a tragic way. On looking into this further, we discovered that this has been going on since the 70's. We read more about it in an old article called "The Crestwood Curse."

Can they be trusted?
-There are 4 main entries into Mantua: N, E, S, W. On further investigation, we observed police posted at all spots. We were followed late one night.

-The townspeople stare you down; not just the common glance, but a full-fledged glare, and they will follow you with their eyes.

-Others I have spoken to have said they get a real bad vibe in town, including Rebel who visited from out of town and was followed numerous times by police.

-There are two abandoned towers nearby. One, a black tower in the heart of Mantua, is watched closely by police. I asked my dad about the tower when he was in town one day last year, and he told me to stay away from it, that I'd "be in trouble" if I got caught inside. People have seen candlelight glowing in the top late at night.

-At the other tower, an abandoned old radio tower outside of the town, I have seen a light come on in the top floor around 3:00 a.m. quite often. Last year Trigger, Sid and I went to the tower late one night. As we approached, a light came on in the top and went out. We went to the door and found it locked by a combination lock, from the outside of course. We shined our lights up to the top and saw bats circling it.

-Last week, Trigger and I went back to the tower and noticed footprints leading to and around the tower, but none coming back. We tried to pick the lock with no luck. We'll go back eventually to try again. Upon searching around the tower, we discovered an old shed in the back, locked only with wire. We opened the door to discover it was an old style outhouse.

-Last year Kast and I went into the cemetery at approx. midnight to look around. Headlights caught our attention coming from far down the old dirt wooded road. It was police, just as we had suspected. We ran to the back of the cemetery, down a hill and hid in the corn field. We heard the car stop close to the ledge and then we heard two doors open and two shut. We heard footsteps walk toward the crypt. After awhile, we heard one set of footsteps come back. One door opened, one shut. Then the car moved. We walked around the cemetery and back to the main road. On crossing a street, we saw two other police cars going down into the cemetery.

- We also discovered that throughout history the 33rd degree Masons (who are separate from the others; practically their own organization) have been connected to vampires, either being vampires themselves, or hiding vampires out. On further investigation, I searched for Mason Lodges in Ohio, and to my surprise, there is one located in Mantua. And it's also 33rd degree.

At 3:30 A.M. on March 2, 2003, Trigger and I ventured back to the Tower. On the way, we noticed the red glow of a structure in the woods. Once at the tower, we were able to unscrew the dead bolt and enter. The tower was of course dark and full of cobwebs. We began our ascent up the metal stairs and discovered there are nine stories. Once we reached the top, we opened the door and found a room containing the ladder to the roof. Within this room was another room caged in from ceiling to floor. There was absolutely no access to this room. Inside was a layer of dirt covering the entire floor of the room. Based on historical accounts of the vampire, the Masters sleep on dirt, usually brought from their homeland. We climbed the ladder and went onto the roof and to the edge, and when we glanced down we saw the small building near the tower, hidden in the trees. It doesn't look like a house, but it was lit inside with red lighting. More as we discover it.

The latest news I discovered is that the 33rd degree Masons are called the Order of Illuminati. Throughout history, the Illuminati have worked with and been associated with the Order of the Dragon, which was run by Vlad Tepes Dracula (Vlad The Impaler).

Another note (it may not be anything at all; I don't know the facts): several months ago, before December 2002, a mental patient in Bedford escaped/went missing. He was found dead two days ago in the woods near the hospital. Authorities say he's been there for months, with no sign of violence to cause death. But the person who discovered the body and reported it to authorities was from Mantua.

We entered the tower again two weeks ago. We busted through the fencing and discovered that what we thought was dirt was in fact very old insulation. But we took 2 pillows from inside. We will look further next time.

Last Week, Siren and I got stranded on a back road in Mantua at approx. midnight. Our car stalled and refused to start. Siren nudged me and I turned to see a dark figure staring at us from the window of a house. Then another figure appeared in the window of the next house, watching us. Then we saw yet another figure in the house next to it, watching. They closed their blinds, but when we began walking, making our way to my uncle's house, we glanced back and saw them all watching again.

And most recently, on our latest trip to the tower in early June 2003, I witnessed something black standing on a stairwell. Its teeth were bared and it had glowing red eyes. Then it quickly vanished.

More to come as it happens.

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