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Incident Report Follow-Up 6

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Agent/Witness: Frost

Base: Mantua, Ohio

Date/Time: August 4, 2003/0230-0400 hours

Incident: Me and three other team members split up and patrolled the neighborhood, staying in contact with two-way radios. We each took different directions and stuck to the streets. As a car passed we spotted someone standing in an area of trees. He quickly ran. Immediately thereafter, we saw someone standing down the street; he ran into another wooded area.

I reported the activity to the other team and they met up with us for a search, which turned up nothing. The other two team members returned behind the houses to watch the fields, while my partner and I stayed and watched the front. They reported running footsteps in the field that we could also hear. We spotted a shadow at a nearby house belonging to a fellow agent who was not with us at the time and investigated. Nothing found. Upon returning to the street, we looked back and saw several figures running back toward the field. From then on it was quiet.

More as it comes.

Agent Frost

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