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Incident Report

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Agent/Witness: Frost

Base: Mantua, Ohio

Date/Time: July 18, 2003/0100-0200 hours

Incident: On the night of July 17th/18th, fellow Agent Siren and I were outside watching the fields, yards, etc. After awhile we heard a growl/hiss in the right side of the field. Then, close to the wood line, we saw a cigarette light up. Moments later, someone across the field crouched by a pool in someone's back yard bolted toward the high weeds. Then nearby we heard a dog barking, followed by a wimpering sound.

The following night was quiet.

The incident was similar to my second follow up report, in which a vampire in the field lit up a cigarette and afterward we heard movement to our sides. And now this time he lights up a cigarette, and one bolts from behind the pool, etc. So we're guessing that's the Alpha's signal.

More as it comes.

All Agents stay safe.


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