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Incident Report Follow-Up

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Witness: Agent Bennett, Assault Commander

Base: Cannock, England

e-mail: iain@andycc.net

Date/Time: May 1, 2003/0630 hours

Incident: When four more people went missing in the area, it became clear to me that I could not risk waiting for back up from HQ. I decided to go it alone...

I began preperation for my assault and approximately 0400 hours. I once again donned my black ops uniform and selected my equipment:

At 0500 hours I sat down and ate a substantial meal, as I knew I would need my strength for the mission. The departure time at 0630hrs, it had just gone sunrise, as before the vampires in the abandoned shopping centre would be in a state of disaray. I had learnt from my previous recon that they had set up their sleeping area in the main lobby of the centre. Arriving on the scene, my suspicions were confirmed, they were senseless! I began by planting five plastic explosives in the entrance corridor.

My next move was to place plastic explosives in each of the other exits from the lobby except for the western side entrance, here I would initiate my plan...

I activated the plastic explosives in the lobby hallway, there was an enourmous explosion, and I could see that the blast had killed twelve of the vampires outright, they were those unfortunate enough to sleep near to the entrance. The remaining six vamps attempted to run, they headed towards the eastern exit, I then set off the next set of explosives, taking out two more vampires!

The undead monsters turned and fled in my direction, here was my showdown, I threw the doors open and stepped out, machine gun in hand. I could see the fear in their eyes as they saw me, at that moment the first two turned and attempted to run, I countered this by unleashing a hail of bullets, mowing them down in their path. The remaining two vamps were more fiesty, one of them was the Alpha. They continued to run at me, I threw down my machine gun and took them on in single combat. The secondary vampire (non alpha) charged me, I issued an upper cut blow to the creature's nose, it fell back in pain. At that moment the Alpha tried his luck, I issued a back kick to the Alpha's chin, I doubled round pulling my Magnum out of my holster, took aim and fired! The Alpha's head exploded in a flurry of blood as the upper torso fell to the floor. I span round once more to meet the remaining vampire and delivered a shot to his chest. The vampire fell to the floor, a gaping hole in it's chest.

The vampire menace had been eradicated, I contacted the local law enforcement in order for the body's to be disposed of and I made my withdrawal!

After Note: I checked with the police, they found all eighteen bodies in the building, and have been dealt with accordingly... hopefully the rash of dissapearences are over...

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